Our team is always ready to provide the highest quality services during every project development stage: all the way from initial planning to execution. Our solutions are flexible and we can join our clients during any of the stages outlined below:

RNDV Holding is a management company centered around providing knowledge and experience to the ship building and refurbishment industry.  RNDV Holding provides services to the naval, industrial and civil sectors in combination with logistical services in order to cover our company and customer needs. With over 10 years of experience RNDV Holding companies have carried out large-scale projects of various types in both Europe and Asia. In Sweden RNDV Holding companies have been delivering projects since 2016. 

Blue Thor AB is part of RNDV Holding as it enables us to take the best practices accumulated by other companies and to add our own unique knowledge acquired in Swedish market in order to create a strong and well-established business in Stockholm. 

Find out more about RNDV Holding here: https://rndvholding.eu/

Industry Issues


We have acquired industry-leading knowledge that allows us to easily solve each challenge within allocated budgets. Our strength lies within our wide ranging field of expertise that we have gained by working in the ship building and construction industries by providing electrical installation services.