Our environmental policy has been created with two principles in mind: the minimization of negative environmental impact and the highest satisfaction of our customers. Our core tenets guide each project:

  • Lead with the environment in focus
  • Optimize each step of the project
  • Prioritize environmentally certified projects
  • Work towards environment and energy efficient solutions.
  • Expand and invest with sustainability in mind

Our tenets have been created in order to become a leading company providing solutions in the construction and other sectors with minimal environmental impact. 

We define sustainability as our responsibility for the impact our decisions and activities have on society and the environment at large, therefore we aim for:

  • Sustainable development and the welfare of society,
  • Compliance to the current developments in legislation and ethics
  • Assurance that sustainability permeates all aspects of our business

Responsible business

We acknowledge that our business has an effect on the welfare of society and the environment around us. We have taken the responsibility upon ourselves to ensure that our impact is as positive as possible. Additionally, we are working to promote sustainable development and social responsibility among everyone in our industry.

Our sustainability policy formulates the ethical requirements we have for ourselves and for our business partners. We uphold the principles of sustainability, honesty and integrity in all interactions between employees, stakeholders, and society at large.